Mika-chan (mikaaa_yamachii) wrote in heysayjumpclub,

[pre-order] "Arigatou" - Sekai no Doko ni Itemo ^_^


I’ll be accepting pre-orders for Hey! Say! JUMP’s sixth single, "Arigatou" - Sekai no Doko ni Itemo.

Before anything else, I would like to emphasize that I don’t have a shop and I’m just doing this for Hey! Say! JUMP’s sixth single. I’m kinda free for the next two months so I can manage to help you guys have a copy of the said single.

{ note: I’ll only be helping Filipino fans for now. I shall serve my nation before I go international. XD }

So I won’t be posting the prices and other details in here. Instead, please send me an email at mikamazing@yahoo.com if you’re interested to buy from me. You can also send me a text message but I prefer communicating through email since I’m always online anyway. If you prefer communicating through text, please pm me so that I can give you my numbers. :)

After sending me an email, I will send you the details on how to order. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, I’m very much willing to answer them for you.

Also, I’ll be accepting orders only up to November 30, 2010. So send in your emails now! ^^.
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